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Services and Responsibilities

The County Surveyor's Office is responsible for the restoration and perpetuation of the corner monuments of the Public Land Survey System, and determining modern measurements between those monuments. This "re-monumentation" data leads to accurate dimensioning of sections, and from that, the preparation of accurate countywide parcel mapping. The County Surveyor's Office also checks and approves all subdivision plats, registered land surveys, and condominium plats for compliance with Minnesota statutes, local ordinances, and the County’s Platting Manual. The County Surveyor's Office also prepares Right-Of-Way plats for County highway acquisition.

The re-monumentation of sections are done by GPS, supplemented by older, traditional methods, where needed. The section corners are perpetuated with regular maintenance of monuments and their "ties" (bearing trees, etc.). As each monument gets GPS’d and placed on the County Coordinate system, that too perpetuates each monument's location. The County Surveyor's Office also offers expert consultation to other offices and the public on legal description and survey matters; provides consultation to Environmental Services on subdivision matters; accumulates and perpetuates records of past and present surveys; and continually works on an inventory of horizontal control monuments and elevation bench marks.

Your County Surveyors
Tammy Mauss and Eric Schmitt

Your County Surveyors

Lee's Monument

Caption Thomas J. Lee erected a hollow pyramid of cast iron monument in 1849  to mark the beginning of the boundary on the West bank of the Mississippi River between the Minnesota Territory and the State of Iowa  at the 43° 30’ North Latitude. The monument he erected still stands today and is known as Lee’s Monument. It is located on the northern edge of the city of New Albin, Ia. and sits East of the Railroad tracks.

Initial Point

Andrew Talcott’s instructions in April of 1852 were to begin his survey where the known Iowa survey ended on the 43°30’ North Latitude, at a point identified as the corner of Townships 99 and 100 North and Ranges 4 and 5 West of the Fifth Principal Meridian which is the Initial Point for all surveys West of the Mississippi River and North of this line.  Andrew Talcott and his crew also monumented each Section & ¼ Section corner East to the Mississippi River and West to the Big Sioux River.  A replica of the 12” square White Oak Post set in 1852 stands near this location today.  This site was dedicated September 11, 2010.  It is located 5mls. East of Eitzen on the South side of C.S.A.H. 2.

Plat Manual December 2009

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