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Real Estate (Abstract and Torrens)

Fee Schedule

Minnesota Statute 507.093 Document Standards Law is unchanged.  The Standards were effective August 1, 1997 for documents executed after July 31, 1997.  This office has Document Standards Booklets.  If you need one, please contact this office.

Minnesota Statute 357.18  County Recorder Fees.  The fees to be charged by the County Recorder shall be and not exceed the following:

(2) For documents containing multiple assignments, partial releases or satisfactions a fee of $46; if the document cites more than four recorded instruments, an additional fee of $10 for each additional instrument cited over the first four citation.

Conforming Copy

(10) for a noncertified copy of any document submitted for recording, if the original document is accompanied by a copy or duplicate original, $2.  Upon receipt of the copy or duplicate original and payment of the fee, a county recorder shall return it marked “copy” or “duplicate,” showing the recorded date and , if available, the document number assigned to the original.


Torrens Title is an adjudicated title to real estate (all matters pertaining to the title are under the supervision of the District Court).

A Decree of Registration from the District Court sets forth the fee owner of Torrens Property and if there are any encumbrances against the property.

Torrens property has a Certificate of Title that is kept on file in the Recorder’s Office.

Under the Torrens system, the county recorder is referred to as the Registrar of Titles.  The Registrar is an arm of the District Court.

In the Torrens department, instruments are examined for accuracy in accordance with statutory requirements before they are accepted for filing.  If an individual, corp., etc. does not have a recorded interest in the Torrens property, they cannot grant that interest.  Certificates of Title are issued to guarantee ownership of real estate.

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