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Public Health - Data

To improve the health of all the residents of Houston County, Houston County Public Health partners with other key organizations such as hospitals, medical clinics and schools. 

Public health data represent important indicators and are significant because they track measures of health over time, allowing one to compare the local results with state and national goals and show where there are gaps in health status within the population as a whole as well as within specific groups.

Below are some links that allow you to see some of the most recent health indicators for the population of Houston County and to compare them to other MN counties and the state as a whole.

Links to Public Health Data

Minnesota Health Data and Statistics

This includes a great deal of information for diseases and health conditions in Minnesota and by county including Houston.  A few select topics are selected and short cuts are provided below.  You can search for more interesting and relevant data at this link.

Reproductive and Birth Outcomes

For a table of all the counties (including Houston) in MN birth statistics click on link below and you can see the 2015 Houston County rate (compared to all the other counties) for C/S rate, birth rate, fertility rate, teen pregnancy rate and socioeconomic factors related to birth outcomes.  (click on MS Excel under Natality).

Lyme disease in Minnesota and in Houston County

Click on the link below:

County Health Rankings & Roadmaps

Click on link and put Minnesota in and then Houston County in search field.  Choose a variety of health outcomes and health factors to see how Houston County stands.!/minnesota/2015/rankings/houston/county/factors/overall/snapshot

2013 Minnesota Student Survey

In 2013 the Minnesota Student Survey was administered to public school students in Grades 5, 8, 9 and 11 statewide.  This information is very interesting and reveals information about mental health, substance use, physical and social conditions of our youth.  Click on the link below for the results of this survey for Houston County students.

County Well Index

(Click below and enter city or township to find your well)

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