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Olivia Denney
Emergency Manager
306 S. Marshall Steet
Caledonia, MN  55921
p:(507) 725-5834

Houston County Emergency Management


The Emergency Management Director is in charge of updating and disseminating various plans for Houston County. The two most prevalent of these are the Hazard Mitigation Plan and the Emergency Operations Plan.

The Hazard Mitigation Plan is updated every 5 years and is due for another update in July of 2022. Some of the topics covered in the Hazard Mitigation Plan include:

County Risk Assessment
County & Jurisdictional Vulnerability Assessments
Hazard Analysis
Jurisdictional Mitigation Goals & Strategies
And more

The current plan is available below:

2015 Houston County Hazard Mitigation Plan

The Emergency Operations Plan, or EOP, is the backbone of emergency management in Houston County. The plan contains information pertaining to all manner of emergencies, including preparedness, response, and recovery. The plan is comprised of a Basic Plan and 14 Annexes, as well as a Resource Manual which is not made public due to the sensitive information contained inside. During a disaster, parts of this plan may activate via the Emergency Management Director or Deputy Director to assist in coordination of response and recovery. The EOP is a fluid document, being updated as information changes or requirements to the plan by the state and federal governments are changed.

Basic Plan
Annex A: Direction & Control
Annex B: Communications
Annex C: Public Information & Warning
Annex D: Evacuation & Public Safety
Annex E: Fire & Rescue
Annex F: Mass Care
Annex G: Health, Medical, & Mass Fatality
Annex H: Resource Management
Annex I: Damage Assessment
Annex J: Debris Management
Annex K: Volunteer & Donations Management
Annex L: Access & Functional Needs
Annex M: Animal Protection
Annex N: HazMat (Hazardous Materials)


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