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Department of Corrections

Services and Responsibilities

Houston County contracts with the Minnesota Department of Corrections (DOC) for probation services.

The mission of the Minnesota Department of Corrections is to develop and provide effective correctional services that contribute to a safer Minnesota.

The guiding principle of the Minnesota Department of Corrections is to provide quality, cost-effective services for the public, victims and offenders that are consistent with law, policy and best practices. This is accomplished through an efficient, diverse, centralized organization.

In Houston County, the Department of Corrections Office provides supervision to persons placed on probation by the District Court and administers the Sentence to Service Program.

DOC Officers have the general powers of a Peace Officer and have the authority to make any investigations required by the Court, and to furnish to the Court with such information and assistance as may be required. Examples of services offered at the direction of the Court include: pre-sentence investigations, pretrial services, diversions, restitution services, community work service, bail studies, alcohol problem assessments, chemical awareness and other prevention programs.

Minnesota Department of Corrections

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